What is The Great Escapisms?

Escapism: “The tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment”.

Sport and entertainment mean more to us than just what they offer at face value. They are escapisms. They are the things that get us through the week, look forward to and fantasize about. They are the tonic for tough times, the catalyst for euphoria, and the source of that buzz that nobody can really describe, but that nothing else can replicate. When we’re fully immersed, nothing else matters. Your bad day at the office is put to the back of your mind and you don’t have to worry about your troubles. It’s just you and your passion. It’s that feeling that makes us feel alive.

Specialising in music, football and wrestling, The Great Escapisms is a by fans for fans sport and entertainment website dedicated to creating content about life’s greatest escapisms. Our content includes reviews, lists and opinions on the hottest topics, and each article is completely original, honest and informed.

Just like you, we’re real fans of what we write about. No more, no less. It’s that passion that only fans have that fuels every article, to ensure that what you read is a genuine, honest opinion of someone who loves it as much as you do. That’s what you will find on our site. No click bait, no fake news, just passionate fan written articles on the things you love to get you through the week. That’s our promise.

Celebrate Your Freedom of Speech!

Don’t let your opinion go unheard, we want to hear from you! We look to write articles based on the big topics, and to stimulate discussion. We want you to express your fandom with us, so if you have an opinion about one of our articles or topic we’re posting about let us hear it! Get passionate and get vocal.

Comment on our posts, tell us if you agree, or if you disagree and why. Tell us what we’ve done well and tell us if there’s something we’re rubbish at, we know we’re not perfect! It only serves to make us better. If you like what you read, do us a favour, give it a like, and share it with your friends. Spread the conversation, and help us grow in the process!

Bare With Us, We’re Only Young

Our site may currently seem a little bare in terms of depth and number of articles compared to what you may hope or expect. This is because we are a very new website, our first posts were published only in late August 2017. We have limited resources in terms of time and money to dedicate to the site, and so are focusing most of our posts around just our specialisms, we’d rather cover 3 or so area’s well than 7 or 8 poorly, although we are by no means limiting ourselves to these areas.

However, we are very ambitious, and are looking to grow as quickly as possible. We value your support and opinions, so stick with us and help us grow. Tell us what you like, what you don’t and what area’s you’d like to see us cover. The more of you that do this, the faster we grow, the more articles we will post, and the more areas we will begin to post about. Stick with us, follow us, and read our articles, and be a part of making us great.

We Take Requests!

Shy kids get no sweets.

Is there something you want us to post about? A topic you’re interested to hear us discuss? An album or gig you want us to review? Get in touch and let us know about it via our contact page, and we might be able to fulfil your request.

Bare in mind we’re a small site ran in our spare time on limited resources, so we won’t be able to do every request we get, although we’ll at least try to let you know.

We want to write about the things you’re passionate about, that you want to talk about. For that reason we do everything we can to make sure what we post about is relevant and meaningful with fans. Letting us know what you want us to write about helps us achieve that.